About Dunedin

Built around 1841 Dunedin is styled in late Georgian with early Victorian influence. The quaint village of Patrington is on our doorstep and hosts a variety of independent shops, eateries & hostelries, including our own beauty lounge “The Retreat”. Helen & Simon purchased Dunedin in 2012 and have lovingly restored & renovated the building to its original beauty.

Dunedin Garden View

A grain merchant once owned Dunedin and after travelling the world fell in love with the Scottish settlement of Dunedin In New Zealand. On his return he renamed Dunedin (formerly The Terrace House) and installed the “Italian” style balcony also inspired from his travels. It is said that many of the old trees within the grounds were brought from far afield!

Dunedin interior leather lounge

'Patrington Workhouse' was built next to Dunedin and was in operation as a parish poorhouse between 1837-8, closing its doors in 1947. From then on, it was used by Redferns as a crisp factory, until it was demolished in 1981. The old workhouse wall, joining the west side of Dunedin is still standing!


Dunedin has had many owners and occupiers. Most recently, the local village Doctor resided from 1924-1981. Dr Cripps lived at Dunedin with his family and also ran the local Doctors surgery from the stable block. Many people from the village still refer to the House as the 'Doctors'.

Dunedin interior book case

The poor parishioners visited the Doctor in the stable block, whilst 'wealthier' parishioners remember seeing the Doctor in the Study in the Main House, which is now the Guest Lounge. A large bookcase still remains in the Study which would undoubtedly have been used by Dr Cripps.


The team at Dunedin

Dunedin was carefully restored and founded by Helen & Simon St Quinton with their family, Ashley, Megan & William. The family have lived in Patrington all their lives and are still the driving force behind the business. In fact more cups of tea are made by Helen than any other staff member!

The House took nearly 2 years to completely renovate to be the thriving business that it is today.

Simon and his team have carefully restored and extended the property to now offer 11 bedrooms, functions rooms and spa facilities. Many materials used were reclaimed from the building itself. Works are always ongoing and Simon takes great care to ensuring that quality and individualism is priority.

Helen has founded the business and used her background of Sales & Marketing to establish the reputation that Dunedin now holds. With attention to detail and hospitality like no other, Helens’ staff are now a proud asset to the Dunedin Team.

The children have always been a big part of Dunedin too, William is the chief cookie thief in the kitchen, Megan is our biggest smiler on the front of house team and Ashley holds the pot washing record!

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