38 Westgate Opens...


Introducing the new self-catering 5 bedroom house...

 3 8  W E S T G A T E !



The new house includes a fully functioning kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 4 double rooms and 1 twin room. With its own dining area, you can cook a meal for the whole family & relax afterwards in the warm hot-tub with a glass of bubbly! 

38 Westgate has been carefully designed by the owner of Dunedin House the make sure your stay is memorable. It is situated just 10 feet away from Dunedin but has it's own entrance & car parking facilities. The house is perfect for a 'family get-away' or a 'girlie weekend' for celebrations, yet not too far to travel! You could even pop to the Retreat spa down the road for a little manicure & pedicure whilst you're here!

It has free wifi, a fully functioning hot-tub, fridge-freezer, kitchen & all bathrooms have the shampoo, conditioner & shower gel. Don't worry about the cutlery & plates - we've got all that covered!


*Subject to availability*

Helen St Quinton